X-PRESS Studio: Video production made easy!

Have you ever wanted your students to do a video presentation for your class, but didn’t think it was practical to ask them because of the equipment and/or set up needed? Have you ever wanted to do a lecture or demonstration to post onto your Northwest Online course site, but were hesitant because you didn’t think you had the time or were not tech-savvy enough to do it? Both of those situations have been resolved through the addition of the X-PRESS Studio.

Located in Owens Library Room 234, the X-PRESS Studio is designed to allow students and faculty the ability to easily record video presentations without any previous video production experience. It is designed so a short video project can be created without any worry about software, lights, or cameras. All that is needed is a flash drive. And this is not just limited to a user standing in front of a camera speaking; a PowerPoint presentation, or other software demonstration can easily be included through the use of a touch screen monitor located on the wall.

Students and faculty are encouraged to schedule an appointment to reserve the room in advance. This is done through contacting the Library Services desk at Extension #1193. When you arrive at the library at your designated time, you will go to the Library Services desk and will check out a small box which includes several items: a key to get into the door of Room 234, a “Quick Start” users guide to using the equipment, as well as a flash drive*.

*This equipment requires that a flash drive be formatted to FAT32. Without getting into technical specifics, FAT32 is not the way most flash drives are formatted. Thus X-PRESS Studio users should use the flash drive provided in the check-out kit to record their video, but will need to transfer it to their laptop or cloud storage area once it is complete. Users should delete their video from the flash drive before returning the kit to the Library Services desk when they are done.

For students, this studio gives them a place to complete video projects in an organized and streamlined manner. For faculty, the studio provides another option for assignments and projects without the worry of figuring out another technology.

The X-PRESS Studio had its Grand Opening on January 23, 2018, and was utilized often by students and faculty for spring 2018 projects. We expect its usage to continue to grow as it has on other college campuses.

If you would like additional information on using the X-PRESS Studio, or would like a demonstration, please contact the Learning and Teaching Center.

Mike Grudzinski


Video and Web Conferencing Specialist

LTCite Office