Online Tutoring: Smarthinking mock interview practice assignment

If you are including any resume/cover letter assignments in your courses, Smarthinking the vendor that is behind our Online Tutoring link in Northwest Online offers this simple resume/cover letters/LinkedIn branding as well as practicing their answers to potential interview questions for students to practice with.  Below is an example of a Online Tutoring (Smarthinking) interview practice assignment that your students might complete as a project, heading into job applications. 

Sample Interview Practice Assignment

In this assignment, you will be completing a practice interview session with a Smarthinking Career Coach.   In your 30 minute session, with audio & video capabilities, you will be able to practice responses to common interview questions.

Schedule your 30 minute practice interview session using the steps below:

  1. Access the Online Tutoring link  in your Learning Management System Tools Menu, located on the left-hand side of your course.
  2. From the Welcome to Smarthinking page, select “Work with a Tutor or Career Coach”.
  3. From the “Work with a Tutor or Career Coach” page, select “Schedule a Future Session” and “Career Writing and Interviewing”.

Tutor Coach

  • Select “Interview Practice”. Use the calendar to select a date and time that works for you (at least 24 hours in advance)


  • Please note that you can test your audio & video capabilities by selecting the icon at the top of the page.


  • At the time of your session, come back to Smarthinking from the Learning Management System and you’ll be able to click on “join” button at the top of the page.

View How to Schedule a Session for help in scheduling your interview practice session. Closed captioning is provided.   You will get an email confirming your scheduled session, and you can sign up for text alerts as well. To add your phone number and receive a text alert reminder, click on your name from the top of the Smarthinking page, Manage Account and Edit Account Profile. At the bottom, enter your mobile number and opt in to enable text messages.

You can also watch How to use Smarthinking to see a complete overview of using tutoring services . Closed captioning is provided.​