New Software for Student Reflection forms – EvaluationKIT

You spoke and we listened! For several years instructors expressed concerns over the inflexibility of the software being used for end of course Student Reflections. After researching several potential evaluation software options, we selected EvaluationKIT based upon several of its features:

  1. The ability for instructors to change the dates/times for evaluations to take place.
    1. For each term, the evaluation period in EvaluationKIT will be set to be the prescribed time period as set by Faculty Senate*
    2. Faculty have the ability to set the specific dates/times for evaluations to take place for each of their classes anytime within that window.
    3. Faculty may also choose to simply keep the default time period
    4. * For Block and OP courses, Faculty Senate guidelines call for evaluations to take place the last week of classes. For trimester length class Faculty Senate guidelines call for evaluations to take place the two weeks prior to Finals Week.
  2. Features which promote student participation.
    1. An email is sent to the students 2 days prior to the opening of the survey period informing them that surveys will soon open, and encourage them to take the survey when it opens.
    2. An email is sent out to students the day the evaluations open.
      1. This email has a hyperlink for the survey for each of their classes listed.
      2. A student may also click a link in Northwest online to access their survey.
    3. A pop-up reminder in Northwest Online will come up when students have surveys to take.
    4. If a student has not taken their survey prior to the last day the survey is open, they will get a reminder email (again with the link for their untaken survey(s)) encouraging them to particpate.
    5. Students can take their evaluations using their smart phone.
    6. If a student has changed their default email in Northwest Online to be something other than their Northwest email, they can still take the survey.
    7. Faculty can see what percentage of students have taken the evaluation for their course. If it is low, they can encourage people to take it. Please note – instructors do not see WHO has or has not completed the survey, they just the number who have taken it (out of their student population).
    8. For Team-taught courses, students will be asked to evaluate all instructors.
  3. If a Student accidentally submits a survey in which they thought they were evaluating one class, but it was actually another, the EvaluationKIT administrator can remove their response and they can resubmit it.
  4. Results are automatically made available to all faculty the day after grades are due.
    1. Faculty no longer need to wait until the information is compiled and emailed to them.
    2. The information on their classes will always remain available to them.

We hope you are excited about the implementation of this software. It is being used this summer so hopefully we can work out any issues we find prior to fall.

If you would like to know how to change the dates your evaluations are open, a document is available which goes through a step-by-step process. Just let me know and I will send it to you. If you have any questions on any of the other features, please let us know. There will also be 2 workshops on EvaluationKIT available through the LTC this fall.

Mike Grudzinski


Video and Web Conferencing Specialist

LTCite Office