Grade Pass-through for Final Grades to be integrated fall 2018

The grade pass-through feature will be updated fall 2018 to include the final grades for a course. This past academic year, a faculty submit form was integrated within Northwest Online.  This fall the submit form will no longer be used.  Instead grades for the five week, mid-term, eleven week, and final grades will be automatically pulled from Northwest Online gradebooks once the deadline to finish grading has passed.

If an adjustment for a final grade needs to be made prior to the final grade pass-through, then an adjustment assignment column can be included in the gradebook to adjust a grade. If the current and final grade columns in the gradebook reflect different grades, they will be considered as incomplete and reported in Banner as such.

If you have questions regarding this new grade pass-through process, please feel free to contact our office. The Learning & Teaching Center will also be offering a workshop session to walk through and discuss how the new process will work.