Student Reflection Forms for spring 2018

Our staff is ready to support and work with faculty in delivering student reflection forms through Northwest Online.  Mike Grudzinski leads this initiative for the LTC.  He has created a schedule for each trimester.  This will provide faculty with information to use to communicate upcoming course surveys to students.  LTC will be communicating course survey information with students through the Northwest Online web site as well as through announcements within their course sites. This year’s schedule is shown below.

In order to receive the best return rate as possible, it is very helpful if the Student Reflection Form is discussed in class, mentioned in the Syllabus, and also reminders given to students at the end of the term regarding the importance of these forms.  If you should have questions about student reflection forms, contact the LTC at or x-1532.

Student Reflections:

Block Classes: Will run the last scheduled week of classes.

Full Term: Will run the last 2 weeks prior to Final Exams.

Will start on Monday at 8:00 AM, and run through Friday at 11:59 PM


2017-2018 Academic Year


Campus-Based /Online / Blended

First Block: January 8 – February 23 (Evals run Feb 19-23)

Second Block: February 26 – April 20 (Evals run April 16-20)

Trimester Length: January 8 – April 20 (Evals run April 9-20)

NW Online Professional

OP One: January 8 – February23 (Evals run Feb. 19-23)

OP Two: March 5 – April 27 (Evals run April 23-27)




First Session: May 7 – June 4 (Evals run May 29 – June 4)

Second Session: June 6 – July 3 (Evals run June 27 – July 3)

Third Session: July 9 – August 3 (Evals run July 30 – August 3)

Fourth Session: August 6 – August 17 (Evals run August 13-17)

NW Online Professional

OP One: May 7 – June 22 (Evals run June 18-22)

OP Two: July 2 – August 17 (Evals run August 13-17)

Off-Schedule Courses 2017-18

For all classes which run “off schedule” (end prior to the official ending date of a specific session), the Student Reflection will open and close at the SAME TIME as any other class which ends in that session. Instructors who teach an off schedule class, and want their Student Reflection to occur during a different date range, must get written permission from their School Director/Department Chair and submit their request to the Learning & Teaching Center prior to the end of the FIRST WEEK their class meets.