Photo Roster

We have had several requests from faculty for a view of the students enrolled in a class that is easier to distinguish, visually. With the assistance of our student employees, we are pleased to offer you the Photo Roster.

photo roster menu

Photo Roster is an app that is enabled in your Northwest Online course site for just the instructor of record. It allows you to see and print larger versions of the student images.

Inside your course site, in the course navigation, you have the option to select Photo Roster.Edited photo roster screenshot

Once you have selected the link from the course navigation, you will be asked to authorize the application to work. If you are not the instructor of record, you will receive a message that you do not have access to this roster. If you are the instructor of record, you will then see your roster with the images.


This will allow you to scroll through the images of your students. Note the images that are displayed are what the user has selected as the profile picture for them. Some of the users may not have images, some may not be an actual picture, and some may include multiple people.


This roster is also downloadable as a PDFPDF. Once downloaded, it can be printed for easier use.