Course Site Templates: Consistency for Student Retention and Success

One of Northwest’s strategic initiatives is to focus on student retention and success.  One simple way to assist with this initiative is through the course sites that we use every day with our students. Implementing a course site template can help students with course navigation and access.

A course template is basically a course site that has been designed and developed with a specific navigation design, along with coordinated colors, graphics, and images.  These templates can be implemented in several different situations. They can be designed and developed for courses that have multiple sections so that all students are getting a similar experience.  They provide a great way to share a course site with other faculty and adjuncts for quick turn-around on opening a new section. Templates can also be used for a specific degree program.  Again, this allows the students to feel comfortable with the course site focusing more on the content rather than where the resources are located.  The template provides a similar look and feel which is easily recognizable by the students.

If you are interested in having the Learning & Teaching Center staff design and develop a course site template for one of your multiple sections courses or a degree program, contact the Learning & Teaching Center at x-1532 or

Below is an example of a template homepage and module page.

Homepage Template Example 

Homepage template

Module Template Example 

module template