Assignment Due Dates

Northwest Online allows you to set due dates in the system for assignments, quizzes, and discussions. There are many advantages to setting due dates in the course site, mainly allowing the students to visually see when an assignment, discussion, or quiz is due. If a student has setup notifications, the due date will trigger a notification reminder for that assignment/discussion/quiz. The due date will also help to populate a real-time course schedule for the course located at the bottom of the syllabus page. Setting the due date will also add the assignment to the students’ calendars. This helps the students visualize when assignments are due, in relation to each other. This will help them with time management. Finally, the due date will give the student reminders when they first sign in to Northwest Online via the To-Do and Coming Up lists on their dashboard.

How do I setup due dates? When creating or editing an assignment, discussion, or quiz, an assignment card is available. The assignment card has a textbox designated for the due date. Sometimes it is easier to visualize the assigning of due dates by looking at a calendar while doing so. This can be done as well. Inside your course settings, there is a button on the right-hand side for the course calendar. Once you have pulled up the calendar, you can edit due dates that are already set by dragging the assignment from the current due date to the correct or updated due date. If a date has not been assigned yet, on the right-hand side of the course calendar, there is a section for Undated items. This will list all the assignments, discussions and quizzes in the course, and allow you to drag from there to the correct due date. If students have notifications enabled, they will receive a notification when a due date is changed.

If you have additional questions about due dates, please feel free to contact our office at or 660-562-1532.