Lockdown Browser to replace Exam Guard for new LMS

Lockdown Browser is our exam guard software in the New Northwest Online powered by Canvas.  Below is the Instructor Quick start guide for the Canvas environment.  Also below is the link to a help page on the LTC web site created for support. Please note we do not have license to use Respondus Monitor.  We only have license for Lockdown Browser.

Lockdown Browser Quick Start Guide:  https://www.respondus.com/products/lockdown-browser/guides.shtml

LTC Lockdown Browser Help: Page:http://www.nwmissouri.edu/academics/ltc/technology/lockdown.htm

Please let us know if you have questions using Lockdown Browser in your course work.  If you plan on using it, make sure to give your students an opportunity to complete a sample quiz using Lockdown Browser before taking a real quiz or exam.