Turnitin updates to new version

Northwest will begin experiencing the new Turnitin: Feedback Studio this fall 2016. Turnitin has updated to a new version.

Feedback Studio is the default service for Northwest. Individual faculty, staff, and students who prefer to go back to the classic version of Turnitin can also opt to do so with a single click<http://go.turnitin.com/e/45292/-Disabling-the-Feedback-Studio/85dgx7/601749252>.  The choice is yours through July 2017.  After that date, the new version Feedback Studio will be in place.

Training Resources from Turnitin:

*   Instructor User Guide<http://go.turnitin.com/e/45292/cess-Kit-Instructor-User-Guide/85dgx9/601749252> and Student User Guide<http://go.turnitin.com/e/45292/Success-Kit-Student-User-Guide/85dgxc/601749252>

*   Walk-through video<http://go.turnitin.com/e/45292/162933618/85dgxf/601749252>

*   Interactive demo<http://go.turnitin.com/e/45292/us-media-feedback-studio-demo-/85dgxh/601749252>

*   Free, weekly instructor training<http://go.turnitin.com/e/45292/0or20SFDC-source-AMT20or20SFDC/85dgxk/601749252>