Transcription Process For Online Videos


The Learning & Teaching Center (LTC) staff have been working on a process for transcription of videos that are included within Northwest Online course sites.  ADA and Section 504 compliance requires that we provide closed caption for equal access.  Providing closed caption support guarantees equal opportunities to people with disabilities, gives everyone equal access to resources, and ensures that businesses and educational institutions are complying with anti–discrimination laws such as the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) and section 504 compliance — accessibility for all students. (

LTC staff are currently working to fine tune the process to ease the amount of time required to complete the process. Right now we are testing the following process:

  • Request a Snagit license from the LTC Office (first time only)
  • Record a Snagit of you reading example document
  • Record your lecture using Snagit
  • Upload both Snagit files to Northwest Cloud
  • Send an email to
    • Subject heading: “Transcription”
  • Once the transcription is complete, we will put the document back into your Northwest Cloud storage.
  • You will need to edit the document for errors and punctuation before embedding in your course site or attaching to the media file in Northwest Cloud.