Smarthinking Online – Tutoring AvailableTo All Northwest Students


Available immediately in all Northwest Online course sites is a new tool called Smarthinking. This tool is an online tutoring site. Smarthinking is simple and always available to students. Tutoring is providing online for 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, and all year long. Students can choose from live on-demand tutoring with a white board, writing center assistance, submit questions, or schedule an appointment.

Students can get started with Smartinking by clicking on the Tutor tab on the course tools bar at the top of their course site. Below is a screenshot of the new feature tab.

Smarthinking tab

Smarthinking’s tutors are seasoned educators – 90% have an advanced degree in their fields and they average over 9 years of teaching or tutoring experience. Drawn from college faculty, graduate students, high school teachers and retired educators, all tutors must complete Smarthinking’s online training program and are regularly evaluated for quality and consistency. Each academic area is led by one of Smarthinking’s subject-area coordinators, all of whom are former college professors and experts in their disciplines.

Smarthinking tutors will:

  • Encourage students with constructive criticism;
  • Help students identify areas for improvement;
  • Involve students in discussion and problem-solving strategies;
  • Treat students with respect.

Smarthinking tutors will not:

  • Do assignments for the learner, give answers or write any portion of papers;
  • Review and correct errors without active participation of the learners;
  • Comment on grades or predict a possible grade.