Holiday Skip-A-Payment

Members with loans in good standing may apply to skip a payment in either November, December 2017, or January 2018.

Contact the office for more information and forms to apply for a skip a payment. A $25 processing fee is required for each form. All forms subject to approval.

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Young Adult Auto Loan

  • Age 18-22 – No credit history required!
  • Requires a co-signer that is a immediate relative with credit score of 620 or above; proof of income may be necessary.
  • Young adult must provide proof of income for at least 1 month.
  • Loan up to 100% NADA value for 60 months.
  • Interest rate based on co-signers credit score and year of vehicle.
  • Vehicle price not to exceed $8,500.
  • Gap insurance will be included at a discounted rate.

*certain terms and conditions may apply.

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Helping Hands Loan

Short on Cash?

Unexpected Expense set you back?

Inquire about our Helping Hands Loan today!

$500 short term loan for 90 days at 25% APR.  A $25 application fee does apply.

(Visit our loans page for an application, print page 1 and 2.)

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Dividends Paid

Dividends will be paid January 1, 2018 on a daily average account balance of $100.00 or more. Dividends for October, November, and December are shown on statements mailed in January.

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