Service Fees

Credit Union Service Fees

(Effective November 15, 2016)

Service Fee
Membership Fee $1.00
Draft Printing (Member account checks) Varies per style
Deposited items returned unpaid $15.00
Overdraft Notice (per item) $3.00
Nonsufficient Funds (per item) $30.00
Stop Payment (per item/blanket/ACH) $25.00
Account Printout $5.00
Wire fee Contact CU
Incoming Wire Fee $1.00
Cashier’s Check $4.00
Counter Check (per check) $0.50
(1 free per month)
Account Balancing & Research $5.00
Lost/Replacement ATM/Debit card Fee $15.00
PIN Reminder $2.00
Rush Order Debit Card or PIN Mailer (3 business days) $45.00
Outgoing Long Distance Fax $2.00
Return Statement $3.00
Coin Counting 2% with $1.00 min.
Close Account within 60 days of opening $10.00
Photocopy of a Check $1.00
Visa® Gift Card $3.99
  • If you are delinquent on a loan 15 days or more, you must make at least a $50 payment (or the amount of the check), or bring the loan current before we will cash or deposit your check.
  • Members who have an overdraft protection loan attached to their checking accounts will have their overdraft protection transfer privileges revoked if their account is showing more than 45 days past due. These privileges will be reinstated once the delinquency has been resolved.
  • Fees could reduce the earnings on dividend-bearing accounts.

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