About Us

Hello everyone! Welcome to Writing for the Online Age’s web version of NWMSU’s brand new Composition Anthology for Teachers and Students (C.A.T.S.), your source for student essays and helpful guides.

This site is meant to compliment the printed version of our first edition, Brave New Binturong, created by the English Department’s Publication Skills class. Here we provide essays that are NOT found in the printed edition, as well as a few that were printed (they were so good we had to give you another way to see them).

What you should note:

The little pictures you see below the authors’ names designate the type of essay.  

                          Magnifying glass = Analysis 

                           Quill Pen = Personal Narrative

                           Books = Research

All the essays have been formatted to fit online standards; if you want to see their MLA versions, just click the pdf link  above the essay.

Speaking of links, we believe it’s good to try a little bit of everything. So for your benefit we have included both student essays and topic specific supplementary links. We hope you will take the opportunity to explore this world and expand your compositional horizons.

Oh, and since we are promoters of being brave and trying everything, don’t just rely on us as your only writing resource! Check out the printed Brave New Binturong, and our Helpful Link’s page!

P.S. We also think you should know that the works cited are not necessarily up to date with the current MLA format (SO VISIT THE LIBRARY WEBSITE IF YOU NEED HELP WITH CITATION).