SquareOffs: Choose Your Side

We all have debates with our friends with certain topics, such as: “Who should be voted President? Barack Obama or Mitt Romney?” or “What should we eat for dinner tonight? Pizza or Mexican?”

B.D. Owens Library Tools

There are many tools that are available to faculty,staff, and students within the library. These tools can be helpful with research, writing papers, and reserving rooms for study or work.

An eCard for any Occasion

The time of getting cards in the mail is a thing of the past. From my childhood, I can remember getting a card from relatives on vacation or for a special occasion like Christmas or the birth of a new cousin. I rarely receive snail mail anymore because email is so much faster and more [more…]

StudyBlue: Embrace the Blue

Are you tired of making tons of flash cards to study? Do you always find yourself swamped because you haven’t studied enough?  Then you should sign up for StudyBlue.com.

Facebook Timeline: Creepy or Creative?

Many will argue that the new Facebook Timeline is creative, unique, and awesome. Others will argue a very different side of the argument. Is Facebook becoming too creepy? With the new Timeline feature, some may worry that some of the past will come back up and be shown to the whole world. Some articles say [more…]

QR Codes Decoded

An explanation of the mysterious black and white boxes and how to create your own

Tech this out!

Today it is very hard to stay up to date on what is happening in the tech world. Three websites listed here allow the casual tech guru and the early adopter techie to stay updated. The first two websites are blogs, like Technically Speaking, with the most current article at the top.  Engadget and Gizmodo are [more…]

TV on my computer?

Miss your favorite TV show because of your busy college career? You may want to look into watching TV on your Northwest-provided laptop. The easiest way to watch that favorite TV show is to go to the network’s website. Most TV networks stream their most recent episodes the day after the episode airs on TV.