Interested in Game Development?

Interested in game development? Try Unity! Unity is a game development software that extends to mobile, console, and web applications. Unity can be used for Android and iOS platforms. This means games and applications developed with this efficient and user friendly software makes developed games much more compatible with these platforms. As with any game [more…]

Wii Play Xbox 2011

Are you a gamer? Do you like a concert setting? Not a gamer but enjoy watching gamers and enjoying peoples company? Well the 3rd annual Wii Play Xbox is just the place you need to be. March 15th at 6:30 PM in the Student Rec Center the PERTs are putting on this awesome event. This [more…]

Tech-related organizations

No matter what major a student has declared at Northwest Missouri State University, he or she is bound to deal with technology in one form or another to get a job done. Advances in technology have given students the ability to conduct research, easily communicate with peers and professionals, and do homework. Even after school, [more…]

I need to Skype and I’m a gamer.

As a freshman, you should have attended the Northwest Computing Policies seminar. During the presentation, you were probably thinking to yourself, “Wow, we cannot play Xbox Live or even use the video feature of Skype to talk to our parents about school!” Well, there is a way you can do these things without violating any [more…]