To tablet or not to tablet

The media says that it is all about smaller and more portable technology these days. We see the computer industry start to switch from bulky desktops and laptops to tablets, and people have to be wondering. Is the tablet the personal computer of the future? The answer: not yet. While the Apple and its competitors [more…]

Google Street View Hits the Path

The amazingly diverse and massive coverage of Google’s popular map feature “Street View” is now going off-road. Google’s unique mapping feature, which was originally captured using 360-degree cameras mounted on only cars, is now going to be coming from a more versatile setup — tricycles. Attractions like hiking and biking trails, zoos, university campuses,

An iRevolution: iOS5

With the release of the iPhone 4s, a new iOS has come to replace the old iOS, which was released with the old iPhone. One might ask, “What difference does it make whether it’s iOs 4 or 5?” “Isn’t the point that the iPhone 4s does more than the 4?” Well, the answer is no. [more…]

Eco Cars

In today’s world with the rising costs of gas and the instability of the economy, consumers are finding themselves more and more inclined to purchasing a hybrid car. Types of cars that are out on the market right now are the traditional gas and electric motor engine. Basically, the gas engine runs to charge the [more…]

Mac App Store

Apple has done it again with the Mac App Store. The Mac App Store is the way of the future. You no longer have to leave your Mac to purchase software or even pay to ship the software from the Apple website. All you need is to have the most updated version of Snow Leopard [more…]

Geocaching, modern man's hide-n-seek

Tired of doing homework already? If you are like me, the answer is probably “yes.” The question is “What to do?” Thankfully, there is a new activity that has been around for a couple of years called geocaching. Geocaching is like playing electronic hide-and-go-seek. The object of the activity is to take a GPS (Global Positioning [more…]

TV on my computer?

Miss your favorite TV show because of your busy college career? You may want to look into watching TV on your Northwest-provided laptop. The easiest way to watch that favorite TV show is to go to the network’s website. Most TV networks stream their most recent episodes the day after the episode airs on TV.

Social networking – more than just social

Over the years, social networking has become extremely popular among all different types of Internet users throughout the world. Universities use types of social networking tools to encourage online interaction between students and faculty members. Corporations are utilizing social networks to help connect with clients and other businesses. Other people use these sites to keep [more…]