Northwest Tablet Review

Tablets for today’s college student have become not only trendy but a necessity for some. There has been debate on whether Northwest should invest in tablets, hybrids, or continue laptops for next year’s university computer program.

B.D. Owens Library Tools

There are many tools that are available to faculty,staff, and students within the library. These tools can be helpful with research, writing papers, and reserving rooms for study or work.

I’m a MAC, and I’m a PC

Comparing and Contrasting PCs and MACs  “I’m a MAC” and “I’m a PC” are phrases you may have heard over the years through endless advertising campaigns on television. Rival companies Apple and Microsoft both devised these campaigns to display what their own product was capable of.

MyNorthwest Won’t Let Me Log In!!

The Time Has Come: You’re Status is EXPIRED!! Having trouble logging into your MyNorthwest account? The answer may be simpler than you think.

Tricks & tips – October

Keyboard shortcuts Fn + PrtSc, make a copy image of the current screen Fn + F9, decreases the brightness of the screen Fn + F10, increases the brightness of the screen Ctrl + U, underline selected text

Tips & tricks – September

Keyboard shortcuts Alt + F4, quit application or program Ctrl + C, copy Ctrl + V, paste Ctrl + Z, undo last action Ctrl + Y, redo last action Computer care tips