Oh Da Social Network

Social Media What was once trending among the teens of America has now made its way into the business world. Simple and easy to use sites such as Twitter allow businesses and people to post about what is happening in the company and personal lives. The growing concern, however, is how social media sites can [more…]

Facebook for a resume

In the job market through the years, Facebook has had an ever growing influence over the selection process for hiring new employees. Each year, employers search into the personal lives of their candidates and are now delving even deeper, particularly as jobs get harder to find. Recently, employers have gone so far as to request [more…]

Tied In to Northwest

“How can I stay connected with campus, keeping up with events and performances, without constantly stopping by the student union or checking back to the Northwest homepage?” “Why do we call ourselves ‘The Electronic Campus’?” “Where can I find people giving away free t-shirts all the time, like a football game every day of the [more…]

Facebook Timeline: Creepy or Creative?

Many will argue that the new Facebook Timeline is creative, unique, and awesome. Others will argue a very different side of the argument. Is Facebook becoming too creepy? With the new Timeline feature, some may worry that some of the past will come back up and be shown to the whole world. Some articles say [more…]

Who wants to be a hundred-billionaire?

Facebook stock to be released to public sometime this year.

Is Facebook safe?

Facebook has become one of the largest and most publicly used social website. Facebook is a site where the users can post statuses, send messages, and even post pictures. Something of which many users are unaware is the fact that if their privacy settings have not been adjusted, they may be sharing this information with everyone on the web. This [more…]

One in Fourteen Downloads Contain Malicious Software

Viruses and Malware– nobody likes getting them, but in our internet-driven society, they come with the territory. Five years ago, software for internet browsers was pretty basic. Simplicity was not so much the key, but the issue that users had to deal with. Simplicity in browsers made it incredibly easy for hackers to plant their [more…]

Tablets, notebooks, and netbooks

We live in a technological world – it is  something we cannot change or escape.  With this increased growth, we have seen the abundance of 3G and now 4G devices and companies are pushing products out left and right trying to meet the demand of a wireless and mobility crazed world.  Following are there advantages [more…]

Stay on top of the game with news at Northwest.

At Northwest, many media outlets are available to students to seek out to use for their own personal gain; these inform students of what is taking place on campus and in the community. The outlets are all listed and described below. The Northwest Missourian The school newspaper is both in print and online based. The online version, found [more…]

Social networking – more than just social

Over the years, social networking has become extremely popular among all different types of Internet users throughout the world. Universities use types of social networking tools to encourage online interaction between students and faculty members. Corporations are utilizing social networks to help connect with clients and other businesses. Other people use these sites to keep [more…]