Project Ara

Motorola Mobile, acquired by Google Inc. in 2011, recently revealed its new venture called Project Ara. This project is an open-source initiative for modular smartphones with the aim to create an ecosystem that can support third party hardware development

Getting Fancy in the Phone Department

With Google’s purchase of Motorola and Microsoft’s buy out of Nokia, the future of mobile devices is looking bright. Perhaps it is time to set the iPhones and Galaxys down folks because these two iconic companies are unleashing top notch, innovative phones.

A Guide to Rekindling Your Relationship

Your smartphone is your own personal assistant. It answers questions for you, it entertains you, and it connects you to the people you care about. It is your clock, your calendar, and even your flashlight.

Mobile Market Madness

The smartphone market as of lately is crazy. So many choices are available, all offerring something unique. Some might say that all smartphones are created equal, but that isn’t typically the case.

Did Someone Say, “Wireless Upgrade”?

Some of you may think that the wireless on campus is getting a little slow from all of the new students we are welcoming onto the Northwest campus. Well, you won’t have to worry about that much longer because there is a campus-wide upgrade happening this spring semester!

What to Expect for 2013

If the world stays as it is then 2013 is going to be a year for new trends, gadgets and some really amazing gizmos that will easily overshadow the PCs and Macs. So what new tech are we looking forward to testing this year? Here’s my pick of the gadgets I’m most excited about in [more…]

StudyBlue: Embrace the Blue

Are you tired of making tons of flash cards to study? Do you always find yourself swamped because you haven’t studied enough?  Then you should sign up for

QR Codes Decoded

An explanation of the mysterious black and white boxes and how to create your own

An iRevolution: iOS5

With the release of the iPhone 4s, a new iOS has come to replace the old iOS, which was released with the old iPhone. One might ask, “What difference does it make whether it’s iOs 4 or 5?” “Isn’t the point that the iPhone 4s does more than the 4?” Well, the answer is no. [more…]

Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my!

Apple never sells anything short — this is a fact that many Mac enthusiasts will attest to. So what is new in the world of Apple computers? Well, it is not new hardware. In fact, the new buzz on the block is the release of Apple’s newest operating system this spring. Be introduced to Lion, [more…]