Wii Play Xbox 2012

The time has come again for Wii Play Xbox!! Come and play on nearly 30 systems including Wii, Xbox, & Kinect and also, have a chance to win some prizes!! Some of the prizes include: a Flatscreen TV, a Kindle Touch 3G, an iPod Nano, Northwest apparel, a wireless mouse, flash drives, novelty items, a [more…]

Six Skills College Grads Should Have But Don’t

The good news? The field of Information Technology continues to expand in today’s job market. The bad news? Fresh college graduates “don’t have the skills employers want and need.” Asking “Why pay $50,000 on an education to become a human paperweight?” might be a good question to ask oneself, or just take a look at the [more…]

Tied In to Northwest

“How can I stay connected with campus, keeping up with events and performances, without constantly stopping by the student union or checking back to the Northwest homepage?” “Why do we call ourselves ‘The Electronic Campus’?” “Where can I find people giving away free t-shirts all the time, like a football game every day of the [more…]

Talent Development Center

Many students here on campus have used, or at least know what the Talent Development Center is. For those who do not, here is your chance to learn a little bit! The TDC is one place to go and get help with classes. This resource offers free one-on-one tutoring, provides Supplemental Instruction, and offer the [more…]

Tips for safe downloading

In the ever-growing era of the Internet, one thing that grabs a user’s attention is downloading. Unfortunately, whenever someone downloads a file, whether the file is a spreadsheet, a cool screen saver, or music from someone else’s computer, they put their computer at risk. The easiest way to keep from getting infected is prevention. Keeping [more…]

Holiday break and school laptops: the need-to-know!

As the end of the school year approaches, students’ minds start to wander from their studies to the end of the semester, which, of course, means Christmas Break and going home. Before travelling home for the holidays here is the need-to-know about traveling with school laptops: • Make sure you back up your data. When [more…]

Registration Time!

Well folks,that time has come again… time to register for classes! Some have already registered and others are still awaiting their time to do so. If you have not registered, make sure that you have talked to your advisor to get your alternate pin so you can log on and sign up the night that [more…]

Hidden Treasures of the Owens Library

Believe it or not, the B.D. Owens Library is not just home to computers and endless rows of books. In fact, a great many interesting things can be found in the library. Unfortunately, while these items of interest are not hidden, they are somewhat out of the way. At least, that is, enough out of the [more…]

Return your laptop — yay or nay?

As we are winding down to the last couple weeks of classes, surely you are wondering what to do with that Northwest laptop you’ve been using all year. Here are the answers to the most common questions about Northwest laptop returns. Where do I return my University laptop? You should take your University laptop, along [more…]

If you’re not a morning person..

We have all been there, struggling to rise early in the morning, longing to stay wrapped in a warm cocoon of blankets and covers, wishing for a mere five more minutes. However those things cannot be. We must rise, wipe the sleep out from our eyes, and face the day with courage! That is the [more…]