Fun Facts About Northwest

Have you ever wondered what all has happened at NWMSU before you enrolled or started working here? Well, this article will explore some past events, fun facts, and statistics and numbers about Northwest Missouri State University that you probably never knew.

First Things First–What to do if your wireless internet stops working.

Sometimes when you are using your Northwest laptop, the internet will stop working for no apparent reason. DON’T FREAK OUT!! Outages like these can sometimes be expected when connecting to a campus that has more than seven thousand students.

PERT position to be eliminated after 2011-2012 school year

Due to financial reasons and department restructuring, the PERT position will no longer exist after this year. Do not fear, though– technical support will still be available through other sources on campus. The B.D. Owens library will provide hel

Wii Play Xbox 2012

The time has come again for Wii Play Xbox!! Come and play on nearly 30 systems including Wii, Xbox, & Kinect and also, have a chance to win some prizes!! Some of the prizes include: a Flatscreen TV, a Kindle Touch 3G, an iPod Nano, Northwest apparel, a wireless mouse, flash drives, novelty items, a [more…]

Tied In to Northwest

“How can I stay connected with campus, keeping up with events and performances, without constantly stopping by the student union or checking back to the Northwest homepage?” “Why do we call ourselves ‘The Electronic Campus’?” “Where can I find people giving away free t-shirts all the time, like a football game every day of the [more…]

Registration Time!

Well folks,that time has come again… time to register for classes! Some have already registered and others are still awaiting their time to do so. If you have not registered, make sure that you have talked to your advisor to get your alternate pin so you can log on and sign up the night that [more…]

ResLife Student Staff Selection — 2011

Have you ever thought about how awesome it would be to be an RA, BRIDGE, PERT, ARCH, or Desk Manager but you never quite knew how or when to start applying? Well, now is the time to apply! Student Staff Selection has begun and you want to know where to begin the process, right? Log [more…]


Have you ever been on a website and wondered what it contained? For example, where each link took you too? Well, if you use the myNorthwest portal from the Northwest website, you may not know all of what you can do! When you log into myNorthwest, it goes to the site’s homepage. A University calendar [more…]

There is help among you.

Welcome back! Believe it or not, fall is here again. At Northwest, the fall is a time of connecting with friends, going to Bearcat football games and dealing with class work and your all-helpful campus laptop. While these machines are nice to have like any piece of technology, it is bound to fail at times. [more…]