Tied In to Northwest

“How can I stay connected with campus, keeping up with events and performances, without constantly stopping by the student union or checking back to the Northwest homepage?” “Why do we call ourselves ‘The Electronic Campus’?” “Where can I find people giving away free t-shirts all the time, like a football game every day of the [more…]

Tips and Tricks — January

Welcome to this month’s edition of Tips and Tricks, brought to you by your favorite Client Computing student staff (the PERTs if that was not obvious)! Many students are needing to change to a new password after coming back from break. To do this, press CTRL + ALT + DEL, and select the “Change a [more…]

Tips for safe downloading

In the ever-growing era of the Internet, one thing that grabs a user’s attention is downloading. Unfortunately, whenever someone downloads a file, whether the file is a spreadsheet, a cool screen saver, or music from someone else’s computer, they put their computer at risk. The easiest way to keep from getting infected is prevention. Keeping [more…]

Mobile eCompanion

Imagine that it is the day after a test waiting for eCompanion to be updated to see how the test went. Depending on the circumstances, there is a chance a laptop or computer is not accessible. But there is hope yet — eCompanion has now gone mobile! Students and faculty members can now access eCompanion [more…]

Holiday break and school laptops: the need-to-know!

As the end of the school year approaches, students’ minds start to wander from their studies to the end of the semester, which, of course, means Christmas Break and going home. Before travelling home for the holidays here is the need-to-know about traveling with school laptops: • Make sure you back up your data. When [more…]

Tips & Tricks — November

Keyboard Shortcuts Ctrl + C  — Copies selected text into your clipboard. Ctrl + V– Pastes text from your clipboard onto the document you are working on. Ctrl + F — Opens the finder and enables you to search for text on the current page.

Campus-wide WiFi

A free laptop: a dream come true. Each and every student here at Northwest Missouri State University is offered a laptop that is in the said student’s possession to use for the year. The laptop program is a convenient way for all students to have access to their own personal computer, have the ability to use Microsoft Office software, use resources [more…]

Catbert surrenders ninth life

For years, students have been safe from the wrath of a dropped laptop, water-damaged motherboards, or stolen computers by saving important files on Northwest’s Catbert server (N: drive). Now, however, students are urged to remove files from this storage space. Thirty megabytes of storage will be terminated for all students on October 28, meaning that [more…]

Email Conversion Phase 3!!

On October 28th, phase 3 of the student e-mail conversion will be complete. The old sXXXXXX@nwmissouri.edu mail address will no longer exist after this date. Information or files that exist on the old e-mail will be lost, so if these are to be kept, forward them to the new email sXXXXXX@mail.nwmissouri.edu. Also, if e-mails are [more…]

Return your laptop — yay or nay?

As we are winding down to the last couple weeks of classes, surely you are wondering what to do with that Northwest laptop you’ve been using all year. Here are the answers to the most common questions about Northwest laptop returns. Where do I return my University laptop? You should take your University laptop, along [more…]