Hyperloop – The Fifth Mode of Transportation?

We all know about planes, trains, boats, and automobiles, but what do you call something that is described as being “a cross between a Concorde, a railgun, and an air hockey table?”

NSA and You

By now, you have probably heard about Edward Snowden. If not, he was a contractor that worked for the NSA who recently leaked documents showing that the US government was monitoring everything that its citizens were doing on the Internet.

New trojan horse attacks 600,000 Macs

Apple can no longer completely pride itself on being “virus free.” A new trojan, termed the “Flashback Trojan,” has infected around 600,000 Apple computers. Below is a quick overview of what the Flashback Trojan is, how to check if a computer is infected, and how to remove it. What is Flashback? Flashback, which first appeared [more…]

Six Skills College Grads Should Have But Don’t

The good news? The field of Information Technology continues to expand in today’s job market. The bad news? Fresh college graduates “don’t have the skills employers want and need.” Asking “Why pay $50,000 on an education to become a human paperweight?” might be a good question to ask oneself, or just take a look at the [more…]

Mountain Lion to Soon Roam Shelves

Apple has announced the newest version of their popular and powerful OS X software: Mountain Lion. Apple considers this new software to be inspired by the iPad, and claims it will make the Mac smarter, easier, and more fun than ever before. The new operating system is expected this summer. A brief description of some [more…]

Who wants to be a hundred-billionaire?

Facebook stock to be released to public sometime this year.

Recycle Mania!

As of 12:01 this morning (February 5th), Recycle Mania has officially begun! For the next two weeks, 549 colleges and universities will compete to save the most in recycled goods, raising awareness of recycling programs across the country. To be fair, the competition pits each school against itself, measuring the weight of the goods recycled [more…]

Google Street View Hits the Path

The amazingly diverse and massive coverage of Google’s popular map feature “Street View” is now going off-road. Google’s unique mapping feature, which was originally captured using 360-degree cameras mounted on only cars, is now going to be coming from a more versatile setup — tricycles. Attractions like hiking and biking trails, zoos, university campuses,

Catbert surrenders ninth life

For years, students have been safe from the wrath of a dropped laptop, water-damaged motherboards, or stolen computers by saving important files on Northwest’s Catbert server (N: drive). Now, however, students are urged to remove files from this storage space. Thirty megabytes of storage will be terminated for all students on October 28, meaning that [more…]

Emerging 3D technologies

Have you ever watched a movie with holograms and thought it would be really cool to actually have one? Well, your day may not be too far off and, even if you have never thought about it, there is still something to be said for the potential this technology. The hologram would change life as we knew [more…]