Your Lab, yourPlace

You might have noticed a difference in the library when you came back this fall. What used to be the computer lab is now a Starbucks and lounge! For you tech-seekers, don’t fret.

Lost at Sea

Sound shopping advice can be hard to find against the cacophony created by today’s adds and other brand-oriented propaganda. With so many commercials saying that their brand is the best buy, one wonders where to begin. When shopping for a new computer, there are always a few key points that ought to be given attention.

Whoa! Sweet Computers!! Wait, how do I turn it on?

So, if you have been in the Owen’s Library Computer Lab, you have undoubtedly seen the new iMacs. These have been made available to library patrons thanks to a grant given to the Computer Science Department. The primary purpose of these new machines is to help give students, specifically those enrolled in the several iOS [more…]

Mountain Lion to Soon Roam Shelves

Apple has announced the newest version of their popular and powerful OS X software: Mountain Lion. Apple considers this new software to be inspired by the iPad, and claims it will make the Mac smarter, easier, and more fun than ever before. The new operating system is expected this summer. A brief description of some [more…]

Tips and Tricks — February

This month’s edition is a special edition — all the Mac lovers out there, tune in! Here are a few keyboard shortcuts for Mac-ists: 1. Command-A Select All Items 2. Command-C Copy Selected Items 3. Command-D Duplicate Selected Items 4. Command-F Search with Spotlight 5. Command-G Find Next Matched Search