Getting Fancy in the Phone Department

With Google’s purchase of Motorola and Microsoft’s buy out of Nokia, the future of mobile devices is looking bright. Perhaps it is time to set the iPhones and Galaxys down folks because these two iconic companies are unleashing top notch, innovative phones.

Your Lab, yourPlace

You might have noticed a difference in the library when you came back this fall. What used to be the computer lab is now a Starbucks and lounge! For you tech-seekers, don’t fret.

Better Than a Touchscreen?

When the touchscreen came out, it was thought to be something of an amazing feat.  Now, something even better has come around.  Something that will give you the freedom of touchscreen navigation, but remove the need to get a new computer with a touchscreen.

I’m a MAC, and I’m a PC

Comparing and Contrasting PCs and MACs  “I’m a MAC” and “I’m a PC” are phrases you may have heard over the years through endless advertising campaigns on television. Rival companies Apple and Microsoft both devised these campaigns to display what their own product was capable of.

What to Expect for 2013

If the world stays as it is then 2013 is going to be a year for new trends, gadgets and some really amazing gizmos that will easily overshadow the PCs and Macs. So what new tech are we looking forward to testing this year? Here’s my pick of the gadgets I’m most excited about in [more…]

Lost at Sea

Sound shopping advice can be hard to find against the cacophony created by today’s adds and other brand-oriented propaganda. With so many commercials saying that their brand is the best buy, one wonders where to begin. When shopping for a new computer, there are always a few key points that ought to be given attention.

Digital Rights Management

DRM, or Digital Rights Management, is literally everywhere on a computer. Microsoft products like Windows and Office require a license key for activation. The most common place to find DRM materials is in your music or video folder.

Technology in Education

Technology has begun to be integrated in all aspects of education, and there are many conflicting views about it. Technology is used for engaging students, reviewing topics with games, student-led lessons, and many other activities. Many may think that with so much technology, teachers are getting lazier or the students are being ‘babysat’ by technology.

Whoa! Sweet Computers!! Wait, how do I turn it on?

So, if you have been in the Owen’s Library Computer Lab, you have undoubtedly seen the new iMacs. These have been made available to library patrons thanks to a grant given to the Computer Science Department. The primary purpose of these new machines is to help give students, specifically those enrolled in the several iOS [more…]

iMacs In The Library!

The library now has six new 27” iMac computers available for use, and their purchase was made possible by the cooperation of three departments on campus.  The departments wanted to allow for extended access to Mac computers and the software that is native to Mac OSX, along with other popularly used software.  The new Macs [more…]