NSA and You

By now, you have probably heard about Edward Snowden. If not, he was a contractor that worked for the NSA who recently leaked documents showing that the US government was monitoring everything that its citizens were doing on the Internet.

Organizational Spotlight: MMO

Since you are reading a tech blog, I can bet that your first thought to what MMO stands for is Mass Multiplayer Online. Unfortunately, this MMO is not a game. Minority Men’s Organization (MMO) is a campus organization that promotes the betterment of minority men through providing opportunities to learn new skills and become more [more…]

Whoa! Sweet Computers!! Wait, how do I turn it on?

So, if you have been in the Owen’s Library Computer Lab, you have undoubtedly seen the new iMacs. These have been made available to library patrons thanks to a grant given to the Computer Science Department. The primary purpose of these new machines is to help give students, specifically those enrolled in the several iOS [more…]