End of the Year Laptop Return

For many students attending Northwest Missouri State University the laptop program offered here at Northwest was very helpful. Many of the students do not own a personal laptop and have become dependant on the one provided by the university. As the end of the year approaches, many are unaware of how they are affected. If a student [more…]

Interested in Game Development?

Interested in game development? Try Unity! Unity is a game development software that extends to mobile, console, and web applications. Unity can be used for Android and iOS platforms. This means games and applications developed with this efficient and user friendly software makes developed games much more compatible with these platforms. As with any game [more…]

Mobile eCompanion

Imagine that it is the day after a test waiting for eCompanion to be updated to see how the test went. Depending on the circumstances, there is a chance a laptop or computer is not accessible. But there is hope yet — eCompanion has now gone mobile! Students and faculty members can now access eCompanion [more…]

Is Facebook safe?

Facebook has become one of the largest and most publicly used social website. Facebook is a site where the users can post statuses, send messages, and even post pictures. Something of which many users are unaware is the fact that if their privacy settings have not been adjusted, they may be sharing this information with everyone on the web. This [more…]

Campus-wide WiFi

A free laptop: a dream come true. Each and every student here at Northwest Missouri State University is offered a laptop that is in the said student’s possession to use for the year. The laptop program is a convenient way for all students to have access to their own personal computer, have the ability to use Microsoft Office software, use resources [more…]

Outlook Live / Calendar

 The Outlook emailing system provides many useful resources. You can access Outlook Live two ways. The first is to use the Microsoft Outlook 2010 shortcut on the start menu on all Northwest Missouri State University laptops.  If this is your first time using the Outlook shortcut you will need to follow these directions: Click start [more…]