Oh Da Social Network

Social Media What was once trending among the teens of America has now made its way into the business world. Simple and easy to use sites such as Twitter allow businesses and people to post about what is happening in the company and personal lives. The growing concern, however, is how social media sites can [more…]

Tips for the Road Ahead

The time of year when thoughts turn with the weather is just around the corner. The focus shifts from surviving school to surviving finals and then getting home. Even more important is getting the  computer and all of the files on it home safetly. For a personal computer or one of Northwest Missouri States computers, [more…]

Six Skills College Grads Should Have But Don’t

The good news? The field of Information Technology continues to expand in today’s job market. The bad news? Fresh college graduates “don’t have the skills employers want and need.” Asking “Why pay $50,000 on an education to become a human paperweight?” might be a good question to ask oneself, or just take a look at the [more…]

Tips for safe downloading

In the ever-growing era of the Internet, one thing that grabs a user’s attention is downloading. Unfortunately, whenever someone downloads a file, whether the file is a spreadsheet, a cool screen saver, or music from someone else’s computer, they put their computer at risk. The easiest way to keep from getting infected is prevention. Keeping [more…]

Holiday break and school laptops: the need-to-know!

As the end of the school year approaches, students’ minds start to wander from their studies to the end of the semester, which, of course, means Christmas Break and going home. Before travelling home for the holidays here is the need-to-know about traveling with school laptops: • Make sure you back up your data. When [more…]

To tablet or not to tablet

The media says that it is all about smaller and more portable technology these days. We see the computer industry start to switch from bulky desktops and laptops to tablets, and people have to be wondering. Is the tablet the personal computer of the future? The answer: not yet. While the Apple and its competitors [more…]

Top 10 Battery Saving Tips

School is back in full swing now and students are busy working on homework. With all those late nights and homework parties comes the inevitable search for an outlet. While laptops are amazing devices because of the portable computing that they offers, one major component is lacking — battery life. With a bit of luck, [more…]

One in Fourteen Downloads Contain Malicious Software

Viruses and Malware– nobody likes getting them, but in our internet-driven society, they come with the territory. Five years ago, software for internet browsers was pretty basic. Simplicity was not so much the key, but the issue that users had to deal with. Simplicity in browsers made it incredibly easy for hackers to plant their [more…]

DVD vs. Blu-ray

In today’s tough times, with gas nearing four dollars a gallon and groceries expected to climb as well, the market is not in the mood for overpriced gadgets. Looking at the past couple years, our movie-watching pleasure has taken the silver screen into our homes via the VHS, the DVD, and recently the Blu-ray device. [more…]

Eco Cars

In today’s world with the rising costs of gas and the instability of the economy, consumers are finding themselves more and more inclined to purchasing a hybrid car. Types of cars that are out on the market right now are the traditional gas and electric motor engine. Basically, the gas engine runs to charge the [more…]