Tips & Tricks — March

Computers can be infected with many kinds of viruses, worms, and Trojan horses. Viruses mainly attack when the internet is being used. By following simple tricks and techniques a world of e-hurt can be prevented. Avoid email viruses Use common sense before downloading any email attachment from email, even if it is from a friend [more…]

Tips and Tricks — February

This month’s edition is a special edition — all the Mac lovers out there, tune in! Here are a few keyboard shortcuts for Mac-ists: 1. Command-A Select All Items 2. Command-C Copy Selected Items 3. Command-D Duplicate Selected Items 4. Command-F Search with Spotlight 5. Command-G Find Next Matched Search

Tips and Tricks — January

Welcome to this month’s edition of Tips and Tricks, brought to you by your favorite Client Computing student staff (the PERTs if that was not obvious)! Many students are needing to change to a new password after coming back from break. To do this, press CTRL + ALT + DEL, and select the “Change a [more…]

Tips and Tricks — December

Keyboard Shortcuts Windows + E: Opens “My Computer” Windows + M: Minimizes all windows in the taskbar Windows + R: Opens the “Run” dialog box Ctrl + Z: Undo option in the edit menu

Tips & Tricks — November

Keyboard Shortcuts Ctrl + C  — Copies selected text into your clipboard. Ctrl + V– Pastes text from your clipboard onto the document you are working on. Ctrl + F — Opens the finder and enables you to search for text on the current page.

Tips & Tricks – September

Keyboard Shortcuts Alt + Tab : switches between open windows in your taskbar Windows Button + Tab : switches between open windows, but in a cascade manner so you can see what’s actually in the windows Fn + f9 : decreases the brightness of your screen Fn + f10 : increases the brightness of your [more…]