Lima – The Future of Storage

Have you ever heard of a website called Kickstarter? Essentially, Kisckstarter provides small businesses and designers a means to actualize their dreams. Thousands of different inventors and innovators offer up their ideas through Kickstarter,

Lost at Sea

Sound shopping advice can be hard to find against the cacophony created by today’s adds and other brand-oriented propaganda. With so many commercials saying that their brand is the best buy, one wonders where to begin. When shopping for a new computer, there are always a few key points that ought to be given attention.

Making the Most of Your myNorthwest

MyNorthwest is the hub, the meeting place, of a great many resources. At your disposal through myNorthwest are news, current events on campus, activities, CatPAWS, information on residence halls, your housing application, student services, a direct link to the library, links to the student directory, bill payment, email, eCompanion, and the university calendar.

Facebook for a resume

In the job market through the years, Facebook has had an ever growing influence over the selection process for hiring new employees. Each year, employers search into the personal lives of their candidates and are now delving even deeper, particularly as jobs get harder to find. Recently, employers have gone so far as to request [more…]

Tied In to Northwest

“How can I stay connected with campus, keeping up with events and performances, without constantly stopping by the student union or checking back to the Northwest homepage?” “Why do we call ourselves ‘The Electronic Campus’?” “Where can I find people giving away free t-shirts all the time, like a football game every day of the [more…]

Recycle Mania!

As of 12:01 this morning (February 5th), Recycle Mania has officially begun! For the next two weeks, 549 colleges and universities will compete to save the most in recycled goods, raising awareness of recycling programs across the country. To be fair, the competition pits each school against itself, measuring the weight of the goods recycled [more…]

An iRevolution: iOS5

With the release of the iPhone 4s, a new iOS has come to replace the old iOS, which was released with the old iPhone. One might ask, “What difference does it make whether it’s iOs 4 or 5?” “Isn’t the point that the iPhone 4s does more than the 4?” Well, the answer is no. [more…]

Hidden Treasures of the Owens Library

Believe it or not, the B.D. Owens Library is not just home to computers and endless rows of books. In fact, a great many interesting things can be found in the library. Unfortunately, while these items of interest are not hidden, they are somewhat out of the way. At least, that is, enough out of the [more…]


If you have never heard of LightScribe before, you are not alone. However, this cool and useful feature of your new Northwest notebook should not be overlooked. Have you ever wished you could make a good looking label for your CD, but could not because you did not have the resources? Well, the wait is over. Not [more…]

If you’re not a morning person..

We have all been there, struggling to rise early in the morning, longing to stay wrapped in a warm cocoon of blankets and covers, wishing for a mere five more minutes. However those things cannot be. We must rise, wipe the sleep out from our eyes, and face the day with courage! That is the [more…]