Paw up on CatPAWS

Fall has set cast onto the Northwest campus.  Along with winning football, chilly nights, and midterm exams, class registration is right around the corner.  To register for classes, you will need to become very aware – if you have not already – of your CatPAWS account.  CatPAWS is where all of the adding and dropping [more…]

Stay on top of the game with news at Northwest.

At Northwest, many media outlets are available to students to seek out to use for their own personal gain; these inform students of what is taking place on campus and in the community. The outlets are all listed and described below. The Northwest Missourian The school newspaper is both in print and online based. The online version, found [more…]

Store it. Safe and sound.

With over 7,000 students carrying notebooks on the Northwest campus, it is close to impossible to claim that only a few computers will break down and need to be turned in for replacements.  Every student and facility member is expected to take extra precaution with their files, whether it be documents, programs, music or even [more…]