Incite into the CITE Office

Tucked away, on the second floor of B.D. Owens Library an entrance.  Through the entrance is the Center for Information Technology in Education office, or CITE Office.  The CITE office is primarily used as a source of help for professors to fully utilize the campus’ information technology.  The CITE office offers training for the eCollege Course Management System. [more…]

Tools for stronger, safer passwords

As technology is increasingly becoming a major part of our lives, it is very frustrating to keep track and remember passwords for all the computer applications we use. We need passwords for e-mail accounts, social networking sites, online shopping sites, online banking applications, ATMs and many other situations.  Strong passwords are normally long, complex and hard to remember; as a result, most [more…]

Antivirus protection and personal computer configuration

After arriving back on campus, you might be quickly disappointed and easily frustrated with your laptop running slow.  Hopefully this is not the case, but if so, there are a few quick things that you could do to help get it back up-to-par. The reason the laptops might be running slower is because if the [more…]

Tech-related organizations

No matter what major a student has declared at Northwest Missouri State University, he or she is bound to deal with technology in one form or another to get a job done. Advances in technology have given students the ability to conduct research, easily communicate with peers and professionals, and do homework. Even after school, [more…]

Apple's new Nano

Everyone is talking about the iPod Nano.  Apple has been releasing smaller and more stylish products for the past few years. The iPods are getting more and more advanced and they are finding ways to sell them for less! Apple just released the new iPod Nano with a multi-touch screen. The new unit was designed [more…]

Are you protected?

The Northwest laptops come pre-installed with a great anti-virus program, Microsoft Forefront Client Security; however, is it enough to keep a computer safe? The truth is that even a great program like Microsoft Forefront Client Security does not catch all of the destructive programs that have been written. Northwest suggests a few programs that students [more…]