Return your laptop — yay or nay?

As we are winding down to the last couple weeks of classes, surely you are wondering what to do with that Northwest laptop you’ve been using all year. Here are the answers to the most common questions about Northwest laptop returns. Where do I return my University laptop? You should take your University laptop, along [more…]

Do you Flip?

Flip video cameras (Flip Cams) have become all the rage lately in the world of technology especially among college students. If you happen to live under your textbooks and have no idea what a Flip Cam is, allow me to fill you in. A Flip Cam is an extremely simple point-and-shoot digital video recorder that [more…]

Find an internship is an excellent resource for all students looking to get some experience in the work force prior to – or soon after – graduation. The site is loaded with internship listings from all over the world and offer positions in nearly all fields of study. Most importantly, the listings tell users whether the internship is paid [more…]

B.D. Owens Library: online features

With no doubt, Owens Library is the number one go-to spot when it is time to bunker down and write all of those dreaded research papers. Students can find books, magazines, periodicals, and tons of other necessary resources for writing papers; however, one resource that tends to be overlooked by students is the Owens Library [more…]

Social networking – more than just social

Over the years, social networking has become extremely popular among all different types of Internet users throughout the world. Universities use types of social networking tools to encourage online interaction between students and faculty members. Corporations are utilizing social networks to help connect with clients and other businesses. Other people use these sites to keep [more…]