Computing Policies and You

Northwest Missouri State University has been the Electronic Campus since 1987, and since then has been on the cutting edge of technology. It is the policy of Northwest Missouri State University to provide its community with the resources and support needed to share information and exchange ideas. Students should consider this access to be a privilege and use it responsibly.

Each member of the Northwest Network plays a role in preserving access to information resources. To ensure the availability of campus resources, certain types of hardware and/or programs are not permitted on the campus network. These include anything that takes up too much bandwidth, interferes with the campus firewall, incorrectly takes control of a network operation that is currently controlled by Northwest networking equipment, or acts as a “spy” to access private data.

Since network game playing and game consoles like Xbox, Wii, and PlayStation are not allowed on the Northwest network, students might want to consider individually purchasing DSL from a local telephone company if they want to play games online. Since Northwest provides cable and internet, students in residence halls are not allowed to use these ports for DSL. Students are allowed to use telephone ports for DSL, however, because Northwest does not provide telephone service.
Northwest provides email services to students through Office 365. Students are given accounts with space for 10 gigabytes of email, as well as personal file storage through Office 365 and SkyDrive services. Mass emails are restricted to relevant university business and harassing emails are strictly prohibited. Student email accounts are subject to examination if deemed necessary by the university or law enforcement authorities.
Each computer provided by Northwest and all university-licensed software on those computers are property of Northwest Missouri State University. However, students are responsible for damage, vandalism, or theft. Northwest notebook computers are covered by the vendor for all manufacturing defects and will be covered for minor accidental damage with a $50 deductible. Minor accidental damage includes liquid spills, cracked LCD screens, and broken USB ports. Students are financially responsible for majorly damaged, lost or stolen notebook computers for up to $1,500. Students are encouraged to purchase liability insurance.
For more information about Northwest computing policies, visit or refer to the printed Guide to Northwest Technology

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