SquareOffs: Choose Your Side

We all have debates with our friends with certain topics, such as: “Who should be voted President? Barack Obama or Mitt Romney?” or “What should we eat for dinner tonight? Pizza or Mexican?” Some of us have been lucky enough to have found a solid solution to these debates; SquareOffs is that solution!

Jeff Rohr, the CEO and Founder of SquareOffs, was hanging out with a friend one night, discussing a disputed topic. The conversation started to get pretty heated as each man ensured that he held the correct answer; this scenario quickly turned into a two-sided debate. They then started thinking about how they could decide which one was right. Rohr wanted other people to add their input as he was curious on finding ways to come to some sort of resolution. This was the origin of SquareOffs.

SquareOffs is a voting platform where you choose a side of a particular topic to debate, choose which two options you can debate, and then initiate your “SquareOff”. People can log on and vote for which of the two options they think should win. Users can comment on the options justifying why they think the certain option they voted for should win the SquareOff. SquareOffs are also great for online publishers to post debates on their website or blog. The Admin Panel allows users to change the colors, font, and size of the interface. Once a design match is found, users can copy the embed code by selecting the icon in the bottom right corner of SquareOff and then paste the code into the blog or website.

SquareOffs currently has many clients, including many blogs, news sites, and social networking sites. Many of the clients are sport bloggers, such as Cyclone Fanatic (Iowa State University), Husker Max (University of Nebraska-Lincoln), Hawkeye Nation (University of Iowa), and Rock Chalk Blog (University of Kansas). Political bloggers are also common, including Planet Infowars and 21st Century Wire. Sports and political blogs are merely the most common, however; SquareOffs can be made with any sort of topic such as music, food, entertainment, movies, pop culture, and current events throughout the world.

SquareOffs is currently homed in the Kansas City Startup Village, located in Kansas City, Kansas near the Country Club Plaza and State Line Road. The Kansas City Startup Village is home to many other startup businesses as well. Many of the entrepreneurs hold their businesses in their own homes. They do this through the “Homes for Hackers” program. SquareOffs is part of Think Big Partners, has been featured in the Tech Cocktail, and took the title of “Kansas City’s Hottest Showcasing Startup” in 2013.

So what do you think of SquareOffs? Are you interested in the product and want to know more, or do you think there are better things out there? Let us know in the SquareOff attached with this article! Visit www.squareoffs.com for more information.

Click this link for a sample SquareOff.

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