Is Wearable Technology the Future?

As social media becomes more and more popular, people are looking for ways to stay connected with friends at all times and to share every moment of their lives. Sure, your cellphone is pretty much attached to your hip at all times, but what if you didn’t have pockets, or if you had your “hands tied” and could not grab your cellphone? This is where wearable technologies come in and save the day.

Google has developed such a device that allows you to take a picture and much more without using your hands. Google Glass is a wearable computer that takes the form of glasses. With an optical head-mounted display, you are able to say a command to take a picture, record video and share it with friends. Google Glass even lets you chat with your friends live through the built in camera. Glass is able to perform many other tasks besides just taking photos and video such as GPS navigation, reading and replying to text messages, and even performing Google searches by just asking a question. Since Glass is a wearable computer, its room for expansion into different uses in today’s society is exceptionally large. Given the innovation of this technology, many more ideas will sprout adding new possibilities for what Glass will deliver.

Wearable technologies include other devices such as the Jawbone UP, which is a wrist band that keeps record of how many steps you take along with how much sleep you get per day. Similar devices to the Jawbone UP include Fuel Band and a similar product line developed by Fitbit. Some companies are developing touchscreen devices that can be worn on the wrist providing you with the current time and other notifications that are received from your phone through Bluetooth.

Wearable technologies can come with huge price tags depending on the complexity and demand for the device, but as time goes on, prices will drop allowing for the average consumer to enjoy these devices as commonly as today’s smartphone. How far could these devices go? Will everything be hands free and voice (or even telepathy) operated in the future? Will our mobile devices become a biological part of our body? The wonders are endless.

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