Getting Fancy in the Phone Department

With Google’s purchase of Motorola and Microsoft’s buy out of Nokia, the future of mobile devices is looking bright. Perhaps it is time to set the iPhones and Galaxys down folks because these two iconic companies are unleashing top notch, innovative phones.

Motorola has announced its next smartphone under the name of Project Ara. Motorola teamed up with a Kickstarter group called Phonebloks with a goal to make a phone last forever by developing a phone made of detachable blocks that allows for creating your own unique version of the phone. You can choose to have more battery life, less storage and a fancy camera, or swap it up and get a large speaker and more storage to store your massive music library. It’s a phone that you design for you. It gives you a chance to build your own latest and greatest phone whenever you want. With a quote of “We want to do for hardware what the Android platform has done for software,” this phone is one to look forward to.

So what about Nokia? Well if you like the idea of something bigger than the most recent iPhone then this is the phone for you. Even if you don’t like the idea of holding a slightly smaller iPad in your hand, it is still a smartphone to look out for. This big Lumia phone has a six inch 1080p high definition screen, and despite being so large, it’s only 0.34 inches thick. It has a built in wireless charger that you simply set place on a dock to charge, and it comes with a sleek casing that can also prop it. The phone’s camera is powerful enough to make your Instagram pictures of your food really pop, with features like optical stabilization for people with shaky hands and a neat little app that pins your pictures on a map showing viewers where you captured your photos.

The mobile future with these two companies will push the edges of technology, but neither are going to do it cheaply. The technology and hardware on both of the above mentioned phones are quite advanced and innovative, so expect other mobile device companies to step up the competition as well. Making the screen an inch bigger is not going to cut it anymore. Keep your eyes out folks and do some research before getting your next phone because two new ringers have entered the smartphone arena.

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