Wireless Configuration and Helpful Tech Resources

It is the time of the year when we all return to college. Some of you may have purchased a new personal laptop, smartphone, tablet or e-reader during a pre-college shopping trip. Most of these devices can be connected to the Northwest Wireless Network (NWMSU_Secure). Northwest recently performed a major overhaul of the wireless network by replacing all the wireless access points and adding more to minimize dead spots on campus. Students, faculty, and staff have several resources available to help with getting all personal devices connected to the campus WiFi.

The online help page, found here, is a great way to find guides to setting up many devices as well as references to frequently asked questions. There are links along the left side of the page to navigate to different categories of support.

  1. The John Rickman Electronic Campus Support Center (where university laptops are picked up) has technology support assistants available to help with university and personal devices from 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday.
  2. The B.D. Owens Library is another great source to receive help with your technology needs. There is at least one technology support assistant at the TSA desk on the first floor of the library as long as the library is open. To find the TSA desk, follow the wall of offices until you reach the computer lab in the back left corner of the library. In addition to the technology support assistants, you can also find assistance in the Client Computing office (office 136) next to the TSA desk.

All these services are free to students, faculty, and staff. Client Computing employees are always more than willing to help you get connected to the wireless network or to your email account. We are also here to answer any other questions you may have about any software or equipment you have.

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