From SkyDrive to SharePoint

Wondering where your SkyDrive account went? Do not worry because NWMSU is currently updating the university email system. The old Outlook Live email accounts have been replaced with Office 365 accounts. This means that the SkyDrive account integration has been removed from all university email accounts. However, all returning students and students who enrolled before July 22, 2013 still have all the files that were uploaded to SkyDrive before the change was made. To access your SkyDrive account, simply go to and log in with your current NWMSU email address as the username.

The SkyDrive password is where it gets tricky. If your email password has been changed since Northwest switched over to Office 365, the password for your SkyDrive account will not be the same as your email password. Your SkyDrive password is the password to your email account prior to changing your password. NWMSU no longer supports SkyDrive accounts and does not have the ability to reset the password for that account. Any change made to NWMSU passwords will not affect the SkyDrive password and vice versa. If you happen to forget your SkyDrive password, you can follow the password recovery steps at However, if you do not have a SkyDrive account, do not worry; SharePoint is coming soon.

SharePoint is comparable to SkyDrive as it uses the cloud to store files for its users. Office 365 will soon allow users to open SharePoint from a link at the top of the screen similar to the old method of opening SkyDrive. Along with the SharePoint integration, users will also be able to access web versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. This will allow all users to easily open documents from SharePoint in a web instance, providing for quick editing. SkyDrive and SharePoint are both great for backing up data. Users also have the convenience of being able to access files anywhere with an internet connection. SharePoint allows users to communicate and share files with each other as well which is great for group projects and class collaboration. The login credentials for SharePoint will be identical to the NWMSU email account credentials. The upgrade to SharePoint and the web versions of Microsoft Office are expected to be fully integrated by the end of September.

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