Email Pointers

For those students who are new to Northwest, there are a few “good-to-knows” about the email system that may come in handy. Such pointers include: how to look up student/faculty email addresses, how to create folders within an inbox, and how to add a signature to the end of emails.Instead of going through the tedious task of learning everyone’s S#, there is an easy way to look up students or faculty members. To do this, open a new email, select the “To” button and then Northwest’s entire “global address list” will appear. If the person’s name is known, type the name in and double-click the particular search result that is brought back. The selected name will then appear in the “To” section. Name links can also be copy-pasted into the recipient field of choice (i.e. Bcc or Cc).

There are numerous instances when having the ability to organize emails can come into good use. Microsoft makes this possible by allowing folders to be made within an inbox. To do so, right click on the username in the left-hand menu, select “Create New Folder…”, title it, then select and drag emails into the folder. Another way to move an email to a folder is to right-click the email, select “Move to Folder…”, select the desired folder, then select “Move”.

Many people like the idea of having a signature at the end of sent emails to add identifying information or personality to an email. To add a signature, select “Options” in the top right of the screen, select “See All Options…”, then select “Settings.” Under the Email icon there is a box to create an email signature. An email signature can be created to show up automatically in all emails or only select emails.

If there are any additional questions about the email system such as password changes, using SkyDrive, or setting up Outlook on a laptop or desktop computer, the following page contains frequently asked questions that are worth checking out:

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