3D Printing Creates Consistent Copies

There are a multitude of different career paths that have been influenced by a new way of designing prototypes, models, and finished products. A moderately new technology is called 3D printing, and it is revolutionizing the way the world is developing new ideas.

The 3D printing process begins by creating a digital image of the wanted object in an .stl file using specific programming. Then, once the image is complete, you can send the image to your 3D printer which will start making your project come to life by creating layers of liquid, paper, powder, or sheet material until your image becomes a tangible object.

Manufacturers have been using 3D printing for a wide variety of different merchandise. You can create custom smartphone cases, medically acceptable bone implants, fully functioning firearms, rocket parts, clothing, cars, and even gummy candy replicas of yourself. Berkeley University students in California have even created a 3D object vending machine. The students call the service “Dreambox.” The vending machine allows users to upload their own images to the software to be created. In the future, it is possible that we could be using 3D printing for every man made object we could possibly need.

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