Information Technology: A Competitive Advantage

No matter what career path you take after your time here at Northwest, technology will play some sort of role in it. Having experience with computers can give you the leg up on your competition. This university offers many great opportunities to expand your knowledge of computers. Majors/minors within the MCSIS department allow students to take advantage of these opportunities and expand their technical knowledge. Every student is required to take one computer course to gain some experience when dealing with certain programs and computers as a whole. You don’t have to be an MCSIS major/minor to take on more than just that basic skills course. Taking a few extra IT classes is a great way to gain an upper hand against others in your field.

Technology is responsible for a lot of innovation and creativity in today’s society and work force. Knowing your way around a computer and its programs will make life easier for you in the long run. Information Technology will always continue to advance, and it’s your job to keep up.

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