Great Resources at B.D. Owen’s Library

Libraries often have an overwhelming and intimidating connotation to them, but that is not the case at B.D. Owens Library. There, you can find exactly what you need, and if they don’t have it they can probably get it for you. If you are having trouble finding a book, movie, CD, musical score or just a place to study, look no further. You can find all of these and more in B.D. Owens Library. There is a vast array of resources available through our library that everyone should take advantage of. Each floor of the library has its own special place.

The first resource that should be brought to light is the iPlace. As you enter the library, walk straight ahead and you will see big, bold letters spelling it out. Once you enter the iPlace, you are instantly transported into an interactive, learning environment complete with dry-erase boards and tables and chairs, all of which are mobile. This place is excellent for both group and individual studies.

Secondly, B.D. Owens Library offers a variety of popular movie and magazine titles. Also located on the first floor, this section of the library is great if you want to find a movie for the perfect Friday night date or just a movie you need to watch for class. In addition to movies on the first floor, the second floor offers even more educational movies as well as many audio CDs.

Finally, the third floor of the library offers many private study rooms that one can reserve at the library services desk as well as group study rooms that are available to anyone on the spot. Along with these study rooms, the third floor also has a large selection of musical scores that are available for checkout. This is perfect for class projects and the like.

Whether you are working on homework or just need a place to hang out, B.D. Owens Library is the place to go. Providing a fun, relaxing, resourceful environment, the library has something for everyone and is definitely worth checking out.

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