Did Someone Say, “Wireless Upgrade”?

Some of you may think that the wireless on campus is getting a little slow from all of the new students we are welcoming onto the Northwest campus. Well, you won’t have to worry about that much longer because there is a campus-wide upgrade happening this spring semester! The demand for wireless access has gone up from all of the new technology that has been introduced in the past few years with such devices as smartphones, tablets, netbooks, and any other mobile device you can think of that can connect to a wireless network.

Some of the buildings that are getting the upgrade include the B.D. Owens Library, J.W. Jones Student Union, Valk Center, Wells Hall, The Station and Tower Suites East and West. There will also be some upgrades that will be performed over the summer session. With these new improvements, the network will allow 3 times as many devices to hook up to campus wireless – that is 90 devices per hotspot instead of the 30 with the former technology. That is a huge improvement to our campus wireless. I hope that all of the students and staff will appreciate the noticeable speed increase in web browsing. I know all of the TSAs will!

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