Laptop vs. Tablet: You Decide!

Ah, the age old rivalry, laptop vs. tablet! In one corner, laptops with their built in keyboards, large storage capacities, and low cost-to-performance ratio. In the other corner, tablets with their long battery life, comparatively small size, and touchscreen input. Will the rookie tablet knock out the veteran and become the standard for mobile computing?

I could go on and on about the differences between laptops and tablets, but listed above is really the main differences between the two pieces of hardware. Let us review, though; laptops are usually more powerful and comparatively cheaper than tablets. Tablets have touchscreens and are more portable because they weigh less. The caveat to that is, they are not as powerful and are more expensive for what you get. I know that doesn’t sound very good for the tablet, but the technology is progressing quite rapidly. Tablets will continue to become more affordable, while at the same time become more powerful as the hardware evolves.

As of right now, laptops are still dominating the marketplace, but according to, tablets are projected to outpace laptop sales by 2016. In three short years, most consumers will most likely make the tablet transition. It does appear that technology is slowly swinging in the tablets favor, especially with the advent of Microsoft Windows 8. Windows 8’s start screen features the Metro UI (User Interface) which seems to favor the use of touchscreen navigation over keyboard and mouse. Microsoft is most likely not going to revert back to their old start menu after emplacing the new start screen, so you can be rest assured that the future of Windows will continue to favor touchscreens.

What does this mean for you, though? Northwest Missouri State has a schedule for updating the laptops they handout to students. Remember that tablet sales could outpace laptop sales relatively soon, and the new Metro UI is probably here to stay. Could it be possible the next iteration of hardware Northwest acquires will be tablets? I can’t predict the future, but if Northwest was the first electronic campus, why not pioneer again by rolling out a line of tablets?

What do you think? Would you prefer to have a Northwest tablet or laptop? Do not let your opinion go unrecognized! Click here to take a short survey to express your thoughts!

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