Laptop vs. Tablet: You Decide!

Ah, the age old rivalry, laptop vs. tablet! In one corner, laptops with their built in keyboards, large storage capacities, and low cost-to-performance ratio. In the other corner, tablets with their long battery life, comparatively small size, and touchscreen input.

How to Find an Internship

What is an internship? An internship gives students and recent graduates the opportunity to gain experience in a career-specific field. Internships can also be used as supplements to earn college credit.

“Are You Really Using Internet Explorer?”

I am sure at some point you have experienced the self-proclaimed computer whiz arrogantly comment on another’s use of Internet Explorer as their web browser.  Then they most likely gave a vague explanation of how Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox is soooo much better. 

MyNorthwest Won’t Let Me Log In!!

The Time Has Come: You’re Status is EXPIRED!! Having trouble logging into your MyNorthwest account? The answer may be simpler than you think.