Standing Out in the Crowd

Standing out in the crowd when going up against possibly hundreds of other applicants in a job search can be rather challenging.  However, there are a few things that you can do to make yourself stand out to potential employers. Making your own portfolio is a big step.

What to Expect for 2013

If the world stays as it is then 2013 is going to be a year for new trends, gadgets and some really amazing gizmos that will easily overshadow the PCs and Macs. So what new tech are we looking forward to testing this year? Here’s my pick of the gadgets I’m most excited about in [more…]

Out with the Old, in with the New

Windows 8 is the new user interface that came out on October 26, 2012 that closely resembles the interface of the Windows 8 phone. The new high-tech operating system of Windows 8 is packed full of great features from the cool live tiles that allows each user to stay up to date on stock exchange [more…]

Lost at Sea

Sound shopping advice can be hard to find against the cacophony created by today’s adds and other brand-oriented propaganda. With so many commercials saying that their brand is the best buy, one wonders where to begin. When shopping for a new computer, there are always a few key points that ought to be given attention.

Digital Rights Management

DRM, or Digital Rights Management, is literally everywhere on a computer. Microsoft products like Windows and Office require a license key for activation. The most common place to find DRM materials is in your music or video folder.

Organizational Spotlight: MMO

Since you are reading a tech blog, I can bet that your first thought to what MMO stands for is Mass Multiplayer Online. Unfortunately, this MMO is not a game. Minority Men’s Organization (MMO) is a campus organization that promotes the betterment of minority men through providing opportunities to learn new skills and become more [more…]