Keeping your laptop over break??

I’m sure all of the First year students are wondering if they are allowed to take their laptops with them over Christmas break? Also, if they can, what needs to happen before it’s taken home? Well, in this article I will answer all of those agonizing questions that you want answered!


First off, you can take your student issued laptop home with you over Winter break for no charge!! But there is a catch… If you are NOT enrolled in the spring semester or you are graduating in December, you cannot take your student issued laptop home with you. You must return your laptop to the ECSC or John T. Rickman building on campus by 5pm on Friday December 14 with your power cord/adapter. Also, if you received an Ethernet cable please return that as well. If you have any complications with turning in your laptop, or if you don’t think you will be able to turn it in by 5pm on December 14, please call the Help Desk at 660-562-1634 to make arrangements to turn in your laptop.


If you fail to turn in your laptop before 5pm on Friday December 14, your student account will be billed $1,500. This will stay on your student account until you pay off the balance or you return the laptop with all of its components. If you return the laptop after the charges have been applied you may receive a full refund of the $1,500 in special circumstances, or you may be charged a late fee.


Now, there are some steps you want to take before taking your laptop home with you over break. First you want to make sure your Windows and Microsoft Office licenses are up to date. To do this you need to be connected to the campus network, go to the windows start menu, and in the Search programs and files box type “dualactivate” this will renew your licenses for 180 days. Also, if you have not done so already this semester, you’ll want to change your password. All you have to do is be logged on to any computer on campus that is connected to the network, use this key combination (Ctrl+Alt+Delete), and it will bring up a screen with a list of options. Choose “Change a password…”, and it will prompt you to enter your old password and chose a new one to enter. However, make sure when entering your new password you follow the guidelines given to you by Information Systems. If you do not remember what these are you may find them at this link:


After you have done these tasks, you are set to take home and enjoy your laptop over Winter break!!

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